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001; Christian Kane


A Different Kind of Knight is our muse. You can post requests and/or fills for; AU, canon, smut, crack, mpreg, schmoop, and whatever the hell else you've always wanted to ask for. Fills can take form of fic, art, mixes, videos, or, well, whatever it is that you feel like making.

Rule #7 does not apply! Het and Femme (genswap) may be requested as well.

Bro code? Because Kane/Carlson is practically canon (and we all know it), Steve is the only secondary person who does not require the use of a last name in this meme. You say Steve, you mean Carlson. Cool? Conversely, please do not assume that everyone else is here via the same fandom. Tim Hutton, Jensen Ackles, last names are your friends, guys, no matter how obvious it may seem!

Say what? Keep in mind that your pairings don't have to be logical. Christian is the only requirement in any prompt, and the rest is free for your psychotic mind to mess with. You wanna request Chris/Kanye West? Uh... please don't, but... you can, is what we're sayin'.

You get gold stickers if you roll like this;
{SUBJECT LINE →} Chris/Aldis Hodge - Phobia, H/C
{PROMPT BODY →} Aldis has a fear of flying, and this isn't helped at all by the fact that they've just hit turbulence. Fortunately, Chris is there to comfort him.

+ WARNING: This meme may contain adult material, as well as mentions of situations which may be triggering or disturbing to some.

# Anonymous commenting is on
# Multiple fills are encouraged
# Each prompt should be a separate comment
# Fills and requests must make use of the subject line
# Warnings should always be placed in the subject line
# Multi-comment fills should be linked in reply to the previous part at all times

01 - Nothing But a Little Smirk {/Jeffrey Dean Morgan} by casiedearestfic
02 - Blind!Steve {/Steve} by badfalcon

Tags: person: christian kane, type: rps
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